what exactly can I achieve with sql data connector?

I wanted to know by looking myself, but I wasn’t still able to connect to Heroku Postgresql ( http://support.backendless.com/t/postgresql-data-connector-cant-connect-to-heroku ), so I ask here. What exactly can I achieve with sql data connector, I don’t see any docs about that. I probably will be able to read from tables. Will I be able to read from views? What about writing to tables? What about running stored procedures? Manipulating tables/schemes? Is SQL tables accessible from BL too? Or to sum up, how integrated SQL data connector in backendless?

Hello Yuriy

Unfortunately documentation for Data connectors is not available yet. So all questions concerning Data connectors you may ask here at the support forum.
All the operations you named are available except manipulating tables/schemes. If you need to apply changes to to data tables or to the database structure - you’ll need to execute it in the native database.

Please consider that all relations you may have in your native database will not be applied in Backendless. Hope that in further releases these features will be added. We’ll provide you with the updates when they are implemented.

Regards Anton

I see.
I was able to use mysql set on freemysqlhosting.net and I already stumbled upon few “things”. Should I create separate topic for each or I can write in this thread? I’ll start here if you don’t mind.
How to write to sql-connected table? I tried with REST-console POST request, but received this error
{“code”: 20012,“message”: “Cannot execute DDL operation”}

What is your application id?

it’s “DECCC828-2720-F3EA-FFAD-586EEF9BD600”

It would be much better if you create a separate topic for every set of questions you have.

Regards Anton

I was able to reproduce. And have created internal ticket BKNDLSS-13209

Ok, I will create topics for new ones, should I create topic for this one too?

No, we’ve already opened internal ticket. We’ll inform you as soon at the fix will be available.

Regards Anton

Hi, Yuriy.
I have tried to reproduce your problem - registered on

freemysqlhosting.net, and connected remote base to my app.
All works fine.
Try to recreate db or table. After any changes in the table you should make rescan db structure.

A MONTH ago Sergey wrote “I was able to reproduce. And have created internal ticket BKNDLSS-13209” and now you suddenly cannot reproduce?
Can I ask you, what exactly did you do for testing?
I just tried whole procedure again, to be super-sure. Registered on freemysqlhosting.net, created test table there, saved config in backendless, tried to GET in REST console (worked fine). Tried to POST in REST console - same old
“code”: 20012,
“message”: “Cannot execute DDL operation”
} error


I was able to reproduce the problem with your particular DB. Oleg has created new DB on the same server as you(freemysqlhosting.net), and he was not able to reproduce the issue. Also he try to do the same with local mysql and everything was fine.

So he suggest to you figure out what exactly cause the problem when you are using your data base. May be you made some additional steps

My additional step is only creating table in db. I used DBeaver tool and also phpmyadmin, one or two columns - number and varchar, I tried default without setting charset and with utf - same results. Let me try reproduce your successful test - what table did you created and how you run post request?