What happen with my data when trial expires on: Jul 17, 2017

I have 8 table and 229350 value in a table, so when trial exprires and I don’t pay money, what happen with my data? Delete or something? Can I restore all my data when i pay money in the future?

Hi Anh,

No data (or anything in your app) will be deleted automatically ever, so you may not worry about that.
The only thing which happens when you violate any limits is that the API calls are blocked (usually after 2 days of exceeding the limit), so that the users of your app will receive an error about ‘application having exceeded the limit’. At the same time, you’ll have full access to your application console to perform any actions in order to fix the limit violation - purchase a plan or a function pack, or remove some data to fit current limit. As soon as you do that, the API calls will be unblocked.

Thank you