What is Backendless's opinion of Parler getting deplatformed by AWS? Does that same risk exist with Backendless or do you guys have a more free-speech friendly policy?

I think there are plenty of devs interested in Backendless, it would be a great factor in selecting Backendless if devs knew they wouldn’t get deplatformed without warning based on whatever political whim or outrage is currently pressuring tech companies at any given time.

Do you guys have your own policy or ethos that governs how you respond to these sort of events? Sorry to make things political, but it would be nice to know before potentially designing an app deeply coupled to Backendless.

Hi Alexander,

Our terms of service are available at the URL below:

We have removed applications in the past that clearly violated our terms of service. In all those cases, we initiate it by blocking the API requests first and giving the owner time to remove the content. We definitely support freedom of speech, so long as it is within the boundaries of the law.

Hope this answers your question.

Kind regards

Thanks Mark. That sounds like a reasonable approach ! I’ll be sure to read the Terms of Service.