What is default order by of related object?

I am fetching Users data from users Table with Relations using this query function
queryBuilder.setRelated( [ “auctions”, “user_children” ] )
suppose user have more than 10 auctions then in which Order 10 object of auction’s of users will come ??

Hello @Ayaz_Khan

There is no sorting when related objects are returned. They will return in the order that the Database returns them.


Is there any way to get related objects in a specific Order Like I want to get the latest 10 related records of every user?

Hi @Inna_Shkolnaya
Please Update

I can advise two approaches. What will better depends on your type of work (desired read-write ratio).


  • two tables - A and B;
  • relation A ← B (so, several records from B refers to one record in A);
  • we need for specific set of records from A take n sorted records from B;

In one transaction you can make:

  • request the IDs of all interesting objects from A;
  • and add for each objectId from A separate request to table B;

You can create specific “Result” table which will contain prepared data and create EventHandler which responsibility will be to keep that Result table in actual state. Thus for each insert/update in tables A or B the handler should make changes in the Result table.

The same as in (2) but without handlers. Instead you can use Timers to process data in tables A/B at regular intervals.