What is the best way to create a vertical, data details panel for a single record

I have a Normal data table component, that when I select a line, I would like a second panel to show the details of that record.

BUT instead of left to right table, I would like a top to bottom single record table, each line is a key:value detail pair.

I have all the logic for the “on select” in the detail window, that’s not the problem.

I’m just trying to avoid creating a bunch of individual data bindings if I can help it.

This is in UI builder, thanks

Create a Container with Dynamic List Behavior structured something like this:

When a row in your data table is selected, compose an array (list) of objects, where each object contains key/value pair for the values of the selected object (the keys would be the column names). Then assign the created list to the Container shown above via data binding.

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