what is the timezone of backendless server?


i want to know the defaut timezone of the backendless server im runnng a cronjob using php and it suppose to get some results everyday but its giving me empty results each time i suppose its my server time and backendless time issue …

can anyone help me on this??

thanks in advanced

Hi Muhammad,

UTC is default timezone for Backendless. What kind of queries do you want to execute?




my hosting server timezone is EDT and backendless server timezone as you said UTC
there is 4 hours difference in time so i was running a cronjob on 23 hours 58 minutes running a script that send a request to backendless and get the all orders on that day … code is running fine but everytime im getting empty responce :smiley:

now as i told you i was sending request i.e 11:58pm 1st may but in backendless it was alreat 3:58am 2nd may :smiley:

i guess this was the problem so now i set my code running time to 19:58 each day so it will run 11:58 backendless time hope this is going to work if there is anything im missing or im wrong you can help me out :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to retrieve orders for required day for your locale, you can convert
00:00:00 and 23:59:59 of that day to UTC and convert it to timestamps. After that you can query entities by “created” field that is between that timestamps