What time should be if we do not do anything in the API

If I do not add any database connection logic and any data process logic, Only I return ‘hello world’
then how much time API will take to respond.

Hello @Ayaz_Khan

It depends on many factors and takes different times for you and for me.
You can easily check it, create an API service and invoke it in UI Builder page. In devtools you can see how much time it took.

Regards, Dima

We have already done this and getting time approx 600ms to 1000ms.
This is time when we test with backendless.

The same thin if test with my Apache server using PHP it takes only 75ms
Which is very less and good response time

My question is that why your server is taking 10 times more time with compare to mine.

Let me know how can I get response time under 100ms from your server.

Else I will have the stop using your services.

My application name is POZE
Which we have created on your server and it api response is very slow.

If response time issue wont resolve within 2 days
I may stop using your services.

We have already responded to you in a other thread that we are working on the issue. You called and confirmed that you saw our response. Starting another thread will not give you a different answer.

Also comparing an API service running in a shared hosting environment in a completely different geographic continent with your php server is a completely inaccurate and invalid test. You have seen that the actual invocation of your “returnOk” method takes about 70ms. There are screenshots showing that.