What will happen if my app exceeds the free Plan limits

Hello, I am using the free Plan which gives me about 1 gb of storage monthly and limited api calls and other limited Features, my question is what will happen if my app exceeds one of the limits? the app will be deleted?or it just stops till the month is over? another question : while the app is in the free Plan Can i pay to get more 100,000 api CALLS for example? thanks and sorry for my bad english

When your app reaches the limit in the free plan (the old free plan, not the new Springboard plan), the API calls will be blocked until the next billing cycle.

Regarding this question:

No, you cannot extend the limits of the old free plan.


thanks and i have one more question,
in the free Plan limits there is a column named real time connections which is set to 100
what is meant by real time connections?
again soory for my bad language.

Your English is fine, I can understand you without any problems.

The “real-time connections” limit is for any connections created using this API: