What's the best way to send IoT sensor data to Backendless?


We develop remote monitoring and control systems for RVs, caravans and boats. We are starting the process of building a smartphone app for out customers for them to view simple sensor data (ie. battery level, tank levels, temperatures, On/Off signals, Lat/Long position, etc). An example is below:

  • Name: Boat1
  • Epoch: 123563256
  • Longitude: -27.420137
  • Latitude: 153.16748086
  • Battery1Voltage: 12.4
  • Battery1Current: 5.4
  • Battery1Level: 56
  • Input1: 1256
  • Input2: 41338
  • Input3: 3351

We are embedded hardware developers and don’t have any experience with servers or smartphone apps.

Our hardware devices are connected to the internet via LTE Cat-M telecoms modules that only have the ability to communicate via, MQTT, raw TCP/IP packets, or GET/POST request to HTTP(S) server. So we would need to craft packets data from a very low level.

How would we go about sending this data into Backendless?

Do you have some sort of MQTT broker service, or are you able to send/receive to an MQTT broker?

Kind regards,


Hi Andrew,

I would suggest you start with regular HTTP requests. So far, whatever you write doesn’t look like something they can’t handle. We have clients with very high-load applications and the Backendless does an excellent job.


Hi Stanislaw.

Thanks for the reply. Can you please point me in the direction on where to find documentation on how to do HTTP and HTTPS requests to Backendless?


Hi Andrew,

Here’s a documentation link for the API to save a record/object in the database:
Saving Single Object - Backendless REST API Documentation

Please let us know if you need any help or require any assistance.