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When I overwrite a File the system add the size of the file to disk space

(Samuel Castro) #1

Hi team,

I’m having a trouble when I overwrite a file:
The first file size is 1 Mb. then I overwrite that file with another 1 Mb file.

When I look in to the disk space used I see 2 Mb instead of 1 Mb( in fact I almost reach the limit 1024 Mb with just 5 files of 4 Mb each one)

This is the second time it happens (the last one you helped me too)

Could you please help me please.
Pd. My app Id is C1D72711-B7EB-98DD-FFC7-23418D485000


(Mark Piller) #2

(Vladimir Upirov) #3

Hi Samuel
I’ve created an internal ticket for investigation the problem, and our engineer will look into it asap.
Ticket Id for reference is BKNDLSS-17598

(Samuel Castro) #4

HI Vladimir,

Is there any response to this issue?

I only get error: Your application has reached the 100% every time I tried to upload an image , in the attach image you can see the only folder I have with images, its size is not more bigger than 40 mb( two sub directories of 19 mb each one), can you please help me?

Pd. I just delete all other images and now I have 960 mb of size but I don’t know why, I review all my subdirectories and I can’t find the files with that size…

Thanks in advance

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(Oleg Vyalyh) #5

Hi, Samuel.
The problem was fixed and will appear on production soon.
Your app was fixed manually, could you check it, please.