When updating a table entry, I get error 1000 even though the object exists

I have a timer set to update properties of the “groups” table’s objects from the “slots” table’s objects based on relations.

First, I load the “groups” table objects with objectId + properties from 1-1 relations.

Then I loop through each object.

Finally, I save each object with the properties I need.

On random occassions I get an error message: Entity with ID B3BFDC94-581B-4FD1-B3BA-857E3941B1C6 not found with code 1000.

Any thoughts?

Is the object you’re updating created recently? (i.e. within the same logic)? Or is it created some time before your timer kicks on?

It is created some time before my timer kicks in, not during the timer. I would guess at least an hour before, but I could even add created XXX seconds ago to the where clause if that would help.

Just to confirm - have you verified that the object with that objectId indeed exists in the table?

Yes indeed

You mentioned it happens randomly. How frequently is that random behavior? Is there anything in common between the objects in error?

Hmm, I would say it happens 1% of the time, 1 time out of 100. I will check to see if there is any common patterns.