When will Unity SDK be released? Thanks.

Same as the question

I’m also VERY curious about this, as i’m at a decision point for spinning up my own Parse server vs. using the backendless architecture in a fairly involved application. I know Parse well, and while they don’t have a dashboard through the server, i’m exposing most of that through custom CMS built in Unity anyway. Is there ANY timeline on this from Backendless? Or even a beta of the SDK that i could be involved in?

Would also be good to know the level of temerity with the backendless service and if certain items won’t be supported in the SDK, or if its a 1:1 for functionality? For instance, the current GitHub code from Japan does a decent job of connecting to the service, but is missing some key portions, such as Facebook and Twitter auth/login, which here in the US market is almost an essential these days…

Same here, any update on Unity SDK or access to Beta?

Hi all,

The Unity SDK is not a priority task and thus there are no estimates for it yet.