Where-Clause Not Applied in Release Builds Using Backendless with Flutter

Hello everyone,

I’m experiencing an issue with Backendless in my Flutter app, specifically related to the whereClause in data retrieval. The problem occurs only in release builds; find(queryBuilder) call is fetching all records regardless of the specified whereClause. This behavior contrasts with the debug mode, where the whereClause works as expected and filters the records correctly.

Environment: Flutter: [3.3.9]
Backendless SDK Version: [7.3.7]
Affected Platform: [iOS and Android]

Hello, @Marah.

can you try with the latest version of backendless_sdk for flutter?
backendless_sdk: ^8.0.0-alpha.24

Regards, Nikita.

How to map class to table name in the new version?
I was using

Backendless.data.mapTableToClass(“MyTableName”, MyCustomType);


Hello, @Marah.

In versions before to 8.0.0, flutter used iOS and Android SDKs. Reflection worked a little differently there. Now you need to add a named constructor fromJson to the class:

Map myMap = {"Users": [

  {"Name": "Mark", "Email": "mark@email"},

  {"Name": "Rick", "Email": "rick@email"},

class MyData {
  String name;
  String email;

  MyData.fromJson(Map json){
    this.name = json["Name"];
    this.email = json ["Email"];

Regards, Nikita.