Where clause with operations

Hi I,m trying to pull rows that matches a condition. This is the where clause that I tried:
WhereClause: startDate>‘1468321182’-bidPeriod-countDownPeriod
WhereClause: startDate > ‘1468321182’ - bidPeriod - countDownPeriod
WhereClause: startDate > 1468321182 - bidPeriod - countDownPeriod
where startDate is of type Date, bidPeriod and countDownPeriod is of type Int, all of them are fields from the table that I’m making queries.
Is it possible to write this kind of queries? if yes, what I’m doing wrong?
Thank you.

The WHERE clause must be a string in the following format: ‘startDate > SCALAR_VALUE’
startDate is just a string constant representing field name. You should not replace it by some of your variables value here
In place of SCALAR_VALUE you should put the unix timestamp value calculated based on your periods variables and 1468321182 constant

Please read more here

Thank you!