Where to Use Twilio Plugin

I have a need to send a simple text message to my users, and receive a Yes or No answer in response. Push notifications would be severe overkill, so I would like to use your Twilio plugin, if possible. All I want to do is send a short text message. When the reply is received, I want to create a record in my Backendless database where I will be monitoring for additions using real-time. My problem is I don’t know what aspect of Backendless to use to monitor Twilio for responses and write the database record. Suggestions please? The doc is clear about Sending an SMS message, but I don’t see anything that pertains to Receiving. Thank you!

Hello @Kelly_Oglesby

Take a look at this tutorial How to Receive and Reply to SMS and MMS Messages in Node.js - Twilio, I assume it’s what you are looking for.

You need to create a new API Service/method in the Backendless app and register a hook in the Twilio dashboard. When Twilio receive a response (sms) it calls your API Service.

Regards, Vlad