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Where's my app?


When I log on to backendless, it asks me to create a new app. But where’s the one I’ve been workin on for almost a week?


I sure hope it’s not gone. Is there a general problem, if not can you have a look for me?

You scared me there… After about 10 minutes the app returned with a notification that you’re upgrading the system…

Is there a maintenance window, or pre-update notifications so I know to expect issues?

Hi, @Michiel_Prins1

At the moment you can experience some issues in the display of your apps ( which are in the EU cluster zone) in the app list. The api endpoint is operational. Our team is working on it. The app was not deleted. It will be displayed in the app list in the nearest time. Sorry for the inconvenience.


It’s listed now but the page layouts of my app don’t look like they did 15 minutes ago…

I hope this is resolved quickly :slight_smile:

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@Michiel_Prins1 Is everything working now as it did before?


I’m missing images and the layout is garbled. I have rows with 3 cells that used to be 4/12 size, but now they are all set to Default.

Don’t know what else is wrong, I’m scared to touch the app.

Preview looks like this (which is good)

and UI Builder looks like this:

Please, provide us with your app Id.


That’s 618594EC-B456-4DF2-8DCD-78C3E713EC13.

Thanks. We are looking into it.

It’s the new_request page…

I might have found something useful. When I go to Files in the backend, I get this error:

You don’t have a permission for ‘View directory content’ operation

Even more proof it’s file access rights I think. When I go to Theme, I get this:


The issue has been resolved. Could you please confirm it on your side?


Yes it works again! Thanks!