Where's the log console

Hi, I’m trying to see the API call result in some sort of Log. Used Search, fount real-time console and nothing showing.
I’m using the Mission steps code and get rewards - so it works, the problem is I wish to see it in some log (log files are also empty).
Could you please guide where this code reflects? Thanks!
.then(function (object) {
console.log(‘Object has been retrieved’);
console.log(Name ${object.name}, age ${object.age});
return object;
.catch(function (error) {
console.log( 'Error ’ + error.message);
throw error;

Hi @Yuliya_Lapteva

The console.log is JS method and it outputs a message to the web console. You can see these messages in your browser console.

If you want to submit the messages to the Backendless server logging service you can use Backendless Logging API:

and run


Then open the Backendless Console and go to Manage > Log Management to see the log messages.

Best Regards,

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Ahhh! Of course! Thanks a lot!

You are welcome!

Happy coding with Backendless! :slight_smile: