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Which API allows calling between users in app?

Hi all,

A few questions:
Is there an API (which Backendless supports) that can facilitate users’ calling each other within the app?
I know Twilio does that, was wondering if there’s a cheaper option?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, @Troy_Lee

There are lots of other plugins that we suggest our developers integrate with.You can find the full list of them and read more in our blog.


Hi Marina,

Thank for for your prompt reply. :smiley: but is there plugins that facilitate the call within the app itself? Something like what whatsapp can do. And the users can call using Wifi/Data instead of telecom?

@Troy_Lee, If you are interested in a plugin that can make calls, there is only one option with Twilio.


Ok roger that Marina. :smiley: