why do i det this response

i am tring to get a list of projects i have in the database , the problem is when i try this code

Backendless.Persistence.of( Project.class).find(new AsyncCallback<BackendlessCollection< Project>>(){
public void handleResponse( BackendlessCollection<Project> foundProjects )
public void handleFault( BackendlessFault fault )
// an error has occurred, the error code can be retrieved with fault.getCode()
i keep detting a collection "com.backendless.BackendlessCollection@41e23400"i want to get a list of all the projects with teir attributes , how can i do that please?

The “foundProjects” variable you get back in the responder is a collection of Project objects from the database.

You should be able to see that by setting a breakpoint in the debugger on the following line and inspecting what “foundProjects” contains: