Why don't data handlers get called when creating-updating from the console

Trying to test my code using the console to create and update data but the handlers don’t get call when creating data from the console?

How can this be resolved?

Hello, Evangelos!

This behaviour is expected. Handlers would be invoked only for events triggered through API, but not through console.
You can easily test your handlers through REST console. It uses API routes.
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Will the handlers be called when I call the API’s from an iOS or Android app? or will I need to do this using REST call?

Yes, they would. It doesn’t matter what SDK you use.
I’ve mentioned REST console because it’s the fastest way to check data event handlers if your client app is not ready yet.

When I was using the javascript SDK in the custom business logic timer, it wasn’t triggering the create/update events. I had to do a hacky REST API call rather than using the SDK.

Is that correct?

Yes, it’s also expected - handlers wouldn’t work if the action has been invoked from any business logic - either event handler or hosted service.