Why saving GeoPoint works if app is in debug build, but for release apk i get error 4002

I am getting ready to release my app and I have a problem that is causing a hold up. For the debug build of my app I can save GeoPoint no problem. Then when I change to the signed release build, all of a sudden I cannot save GeoPoint anymore and I get error 4002. Nothing else changes in my code (except for google maps API keys).
Wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for resolving this?

Hi Theo,

Please, provide us small example that reproduces this problem.
Regards Ilya

I tried to resolve this problem by myself earlier, and I found a suggestion by Mark to add

-keep class com.backendless.** {*;}

To my proguard rules and I’ve done so. The 4002 problem I mentioned has been resolved however now I get error 15000 from the server code. Keep in mind all these errors are from using the signed APK release build of my app. I cannot reproduce the problems in my regular debug build as there are no erros.

That’s why I am asking for a bit of clarification when it comes to the signed release build. Obviously Backendless finds some difference between the two versions even though code-wise they are identical

Hi Theo,

Try to add this configuration:

-dontwarn com.backendless.**
-dontwarn weborb.**
-keep class weborb.** {*;}
-keep class com.backendless.** {*;}

If that still does not help, try also to add the line for your model classes:

-keep class com.your.package.model.** {*;}

I already had the first four lines you suggested, and upon adding the 5th model line, the problem persists. The error I get is NullPointerException from when I try to call the server code and send it data.

Is there some obvious thing I forgot to do, like add the SHA fingerprint to coderunner somehow or something? It’s frustrating because it only happens in my release build so I don’t even know where to start debugging this

Hi, Theo!

Can you show the full stack trace you get?
If you could also send us your .apk file and your applications sources at support@backendless.com we could try to reproduce and fix your issue.