Wordpress connection


I’m an old school developer and just starting again to develop mobile apps now.

I’m looking for a way to create an iOS app with backendless data and to use backendless data in my previously created wordpress website. Is it possible to make wordpress (mysql) use backendless data instead or perhaps synchronize both databases?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Roger,

It would be possible, but that would require rewriting pretty much the entire wordpress engine to use our API instead of mysql.


Thanks for your answer Mark.

Would you recommend to use external database in Backendless instead of native for this particular case?

What would be your best recommendation if starting from zero and if I want to create a mobile app and a website that could share/sync data?

Thanks again,

I believe it would be an overkill to use external database. I’d use our JS SDK for the web side of the app, this way both mobile and web can communicate with the same backend. Wordpress would be used just to spit out static files.