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Would I be able to set different emails flows, based on a property in users table?

Is this scenario possible with Backendless? I suppose that business logic might be the answer, but can’t figure out if or how it’s possible…

Scenario 1:
user registers and begins a ‘email welcome flow’ with one email each week, for 4 weeks. Beginning from day of signup.
Scenario 2:
user begins registration, but doesn’t finish (email address is submitted) and begins ‘didn’t register email flow’ with one new email each week for 3 weeks.

Is that possible at all?


Hi Jens,

Yes, Business Logic is where this would need to be handled. My question is how would you differentiate between Scenario 1 and 2? Backendless can be configured to send out email confirmations. You can attach a server-side event handler to the EmailConfirmed event. When the event is triggered, it would start Scenario 1.

I am not sure what would be the trigger for Scenario 2 though…


wow quick response. awesome!

sounds great with EmailConfirmed event… just so I understand correct. Will Backendless be able actually send the following emails? Maybe with some PHP?

for scenario 2 people are actually registered with email and pw… but haven’t provided all necessary information to be fully registered in the app. But from your response this seems possible too.

Backendless can send a customizable email message to the user when he registers with your app. Here’s more info:

User registration in Backendless cannot be in an intermediate state, either a user is registered or not. You can configure your backendless backend with required user properties. Registration will fail unless the registration API call has all the required properties.