Write RoboVM bindings of iOS SDK


I’m not sure if anyone here is familiar with RoboVM. But I do use it for cross-platform capability. Essentially it translates Objective-C code to run as Java to the developer.

Though for me to be able to deploy my app to iOS with the Backendless SDK, I would have to write RoboVM bindings of the SDK. Meaning I would translate each header file from the SDK into RoboVM’s library.

Now, I just generally wonder if anyone has done this before? Since I’m not quite fluent in Objective-C it would take a lot of hardship to do this for me, and why invent the wheel twice?

Thanks, B.

Hey B,

Pardon my ignorance, I know nothing about RoboVM. Do they not allow importing of Java libraries into a project?


As I understand it, it does allow for Java libraries imports. But I cannot elaborate any further on that as I barely understand how RoboVM works myself. The only information about it that I’ve found is this page: http://docs.robovm.com/advanced-topics/compilation.html though I cannot find anything relevant to this.

It’s working together with a framework called Libgdx. And they describe it as such that I have to create “replicas” of every .h files that the Backendless iOS SDK provides into Objective-C.
That process is vaguely described here

Good luck! I hope you will be able to figure it out :slight_smile: