Wrong File Url in android sdk

Hi, i am developing an android application using Android sdk.
In this application i am uplading files using
the url in the response is different than i see on backenddless console

Can anybody help me about it ? Its urgent please

Hi @Muhammed_Fatih_Polat ,

Url for uploaded files can be build in two different ways depending on presence of “file repo access” domain in application.
If “file repo access” domain is present for application then it always will be used to generate file URLs. Otherwise link will use our common app content domain (backendlessappcontent.com).

Regards, Andriy

Thank you for your response but i cant find a setting for “file repo acces” in my backendless dashboard. how do i manage this settings?

Hi @Muhammed_Fatih_Polat,

The checkbox for file repo access is under Manage → Custom Domains. To change access to the file repositories you need to have your own custom domain.


Thank you for your response.Let me explain my problem more detailed.
Users can upload images in my android application like profile image. When i upload an image with Backendless.Files.Android.upload func i got the url below in response callback


But when i look at the files in my backendless dashboard actual file url is like below


Actually it wasnt like this i think one or 2 months ago but somehow it is not working now. So what do you think i need to do in order to fix it. Do i have to but a domain name and put it in backendless dashboard ?

The URL you get in console is a file view URL created specifically for you - logged in developer. To get a public url for a file you need to use an icon as described in the documentation:

This is how it worked since version 1.0 of the platform.


Thank you for your response, Is there any way that i get public url by programmatically in the code?

Unfortunately no. You could extract needed field from Backendless object and form it by yourself.