Xamarin error

What is this error and how solve it?

Already tried to install nuget packages without sucess

What is the build type of the project? .Net 4.0, 4.5, 4.7, .Net Core, .Net Standard?

I guess .net standard

Thanks, Pedro. Did you add the Backendless dependency via Nuget?

Yes i did, in .droid and .ios and tried with shared project and .net standard and gives the same error.


Here’s an example of a shared project. See how Backendless is configured there:

Yes, i already have found that git and still couldnt see , but i will try hard

Do you have ideia if you will have an sdk for xamarin ? i cant get arround with it

The current SDK works perfectly with Xamarin.

The .net sdk?

Correct. Any Xamarin project uses .NET

Tomorrow i will give it another try but i cant get it to work , in wich page put the init

The init call should be put in the application initialization logic. Somewhere where the application starts.