Xamarin SDK

I have begun porting the .NET SDK to work with Xamarin and have had some success. I am able to persist, query, login, register devices for push, push (from iOS and Android), receive push on Android. However the following still does not work:

  1. Receiving push on iOS. I believe this unrelated because registration happens fine and push from the server to iOS should be unrelated to Xamarin. I can receive pushes fine that are not generated from the Backendless site.

  2. File upload. The File IO classes in the .NET SDK are not PCL compliant so they cannot be used easily in Xamarin. Any help here would be appreciated.

  3. Login with Google Plus. As near as I can tell, only loginWithFacebook and loginWithTwitter are implemented for .NET clients. loginWithGooglePlus does not work and generates an error message indicating this method is not implemented on the server (works from Objective C and Java).


Hi Austin,

First of all, we will eternally love you for this. This is a huge help. Thank you!

As for the problems:

    Push on iOS. Once a device is registered, does it show up on the "Devices" tab on the Messaging screen? have you configured the backend with a certificate? File Upload. Can you give me a more detailed description of the actual problem? Correct, googleplus logins are not implemented in .NET. They can be ported from the Java implementation though.
Regards, Mark

I have resolved 1 and 3. I am working on 2 and will give you a description of the issue in greater detail.

Thanks for the update, Austin. This is great news!!


I am interested in port for Xamarin as well. Austin, Did you manage to solve all the issues?

Hey Austin!

Any chance you could share your work? Im really interested as well. I only need the features already implemented, so this would be amazing for me! I’ve wanted to use Backendless… but there is no Xamarin SDK. Thanks!

(You can email me at devbauducco@gmail.com)