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I am trying to do an iOS build aided by the Quick start guide. I’ve done the Download project template of my app (AE2DDCEC-B9FE-840C-FF14-F909F857AE00). Successfully installed the Backendless pod from cocoapods. The project ran with all the expected deprecation warnings.

The simulator ran a page that connected to TestTable, I saw that at the backend, but I DID NOT see anything that remotely resembles the app that I did with the UI-Builder.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Ramon_Reyes

Could you please provide a link to the Quick start guide?

As far as I remember there are two options to run your UIBuilder app in a NativeApp

  • by scanning the QR Code of the UI-Container
  • by copying the UIContainer build after publishing it

So, we need a little bit more info.

Regards, Vlad

The quick start is here: Quick Start Guide - Backendless SDK for iOS API Documentation

I did everything in there including publishing my app (rml_hsra) container and downloading the project.

this is a guide for IOS-SDK, so it’s not related to the UIBuilder


My text as well as topic category indicated iOS because I am doing an iOS build. The UI-Builder in this context publishes the container then hands it off to Xcode for building. My question is this— Xcode runs the app on the simulator but the output is a page that connects to TestTable. I did not see anything that remotely resembles the app that I did with the UI-Builder.

no, it doesn’t work this way =)

Backendless contains different SDKs (JS/iOS/Java/etc.) for working with the Backendless API, so you can build an app using code.

The UI-Builder is a feature for building WebApps using no code technologies (without code).

You can open a UIContainer in a web browser or you can run it in a native app in a web view, we’ve got a couple of options:

I know the Backendless Viewer because I use this for testing on an actual iOS device. However that is not how I want to deploy the app.

What I want to do now is to do a build that I can submit to Apple for distribution. Can you point me to the right direction to do that?


  1. you can build your own iOS app and using web view add composed UIBuilder into the app
  2. or using the native-mobile-app-shell to build an app and then publish it to the AppStore

I think I’ll go for #2. I have started to work on this using this guide – GitHub - Backendless/native-mobile-app-shell: Mobile native app shell is a native wrapper for a UI Builder application. It can be used to package a UI Builder app so it can run on a mobile device in a hybrid mode. The app can be published to the Apple and Google Play stores..

Thanks for your help.

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