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You can help me restore my app

Hello guys.
You can help me restore my 8DBF2AEE-DEF9-02C1-FF49-D4B524CEDD00 application in the form it was two hours ago? He got stuck again. I tried to create a function that didn’t work. I deleted the function from the files and everything turned upside down.

Hello @Mihaltan_Horea

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please provide information on what you want to restore? Because at the moment I was able to connect to your application and it looks like a working one.


custom functions no longer work. I can no longer log in to my preview application

Hello @Mihaltan_Horea

Just to clarify, please correct me if I am wrong, you removed the function from the Files Browser instead of removing from the UI-Builder designer, right?

Regards, Vlad

removed the function from the Files Browser

I recommend you do not change anything in the “ui-builder” directory manually, because it might broke your app.
Also do not work on the same UI-Builder Container in the different browsers tabs at the same time, because there is enabled auto-save which will rewrite each other

I’m looking into your app

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I can reproduce the problem, and I just created an internal ticket to solve this BKNDLSS-22343. I am working on it now and It will be fixed asap.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Regards, Vlad

the problem has been fixed and it’s going to be released soon


it seems everything works well now, could you please check and confirm that

Regards, Vlad

no, the preview doesn’t work yet.

We will investigate this problem again.


There was missed “appData” block, I’ve restore it, could you please check one more time

now it looks good. Everything works. Thanks a lot.

My pleasure!
Have a good one!