You have reached your plan limit

I’ve got this message:

code: 11005,
message: ‘You have reached your plan limit. Logon to Backendless Console and select Billing to add your credit card information. The credit card is required to modify the plan limits.’

But i’m sure i didn’t - i have two users, ~300 api requests during the last day etc.

Hi Anton,

What is the API call for which you get that message?

Could you please check in Backendless console at Manage > Billing > Usage Overages if there are any overages?


Hi Mark,
there are no overages,
The issue appears after few bulk DELETE requests.
Right now i’m getting this error on all GET requests, and, may be, other requests - i didn’t check them.

How many data tables do you have?

Also, what is your application ID?

i have only 14 data tables, including ‘Users’, not more than 25 rows in each
application ID: 808DA0CC-E315-581A-FF21-CCED2038B600

Thanks, we will be looking into it right away. Someone from the team will update the ticket.

ok, Mark, thank you for very quick responds, as usual)

Hi Anton.
Could you provide your request which reproduces such error?
I checked several GET requests in data and they work as expected.

Hi Kate,
Seems, it works now.
I have got the error after this request. But it might be only a coincidence.

I will let you know, if it will happen again.

Let’s close this issue for now

Ok, it sounds good.
And one more question:
you have 100 active users in app.
Login of new user could return such error about billing limit.
Maybe you received this error when try to login user?

I have two users: two rows in ‘Users’ table
May be i don’t understand something?

I have two users: two rows in ‘Users’ table
May be i don’t understand something?

I was talking about “active users”. An active user is one who logs in at least once a month.

You can see diagram with them on home page.

The web application, which is using this database, is located on my macbook, and the only person who is using it - is me. Almost entire month, including yesterday i was using the same user token, which is stored in localStorage after the last logIn days or weeks ago.
I’ve seen this diagram just now. Isn’t it strange, that it shows 100 active users yesterday, and no active users during the past days? I was developing it as usual, may be a bit more active than usual, but no one except me was there.

It is a bug on our side. We’re working on it and should have a resolution soon.

Hi Anton!

Could you check your active users?
Analytics should be empty.

sorry for delay, it works ok, thank you, Kate)