Your application has exceeded a limit of the Business Logic deployment size on the current plan

Hi. Just switched from trial to Cloud9 and now get this message. Where can I see the size my app?

On the Manage > Billing screen click here first:

Then it will be something like this:

I’ve tried deleting pages (about 10-12 so far) from my app, but I can’t seem to make a dent in the Business Logic size. It was 22Mb when I got the message and remains at 22Mb after deletions. Am I taking the correct action to bring down the size, or is business logic measuring something else?

Hello @Neil_Campbell

Do I understand correctly that by “pages” you mean pages in the ui-builder? If so, it has no effect whatsoever. Cloud code deployment size - this is the total size of the deployed server-side Cloud Code for event handlers and timers.


I am new to this and started my free trial by using a Blueprint so that I could learn by following an exisiting example. So far, I haven’t ventured outside the UI builder / data table sections. Is it likely that the Blueprint has deployed this code?

On a broader topic, I think, given my current level of abilities, I should be on the Springboard plan. I am only interested in learning and developing at this stage with product launch some distance away. How can I switch to this plan? Doing “missions” sounds like a great way to learn.