Your application has exceeded a limit of the undefined on the current plan

App ID : 14B07F45-B077-F936-FF75-176789BBE700
“Your application has exceeded a limit of the undefined on the current plan. All API calls are now blocked until the limits are increased.”
I’ve check the usage and everything is below the limit threshold. Yet my application is still blocked. How do I unblock the app?


there are 2 issues:

  1. from our side because the error message is not clear

  2. from your side because our billing system was not able to charge payment for subscription

you have received 5 emails:

We've made several attempts to bill the credit card on file for your Backendless application: (14B07F45-B077-F936-FF75-176789BBE700). 

Unfortunately, each of the attempts to charge your card have been declined.

As a result, your Backendless application has been canceled and the backend will stop responding to the API requests.

Please contact us right away to reactivate your account and avoid further
interruption of your service.

If you intended to cancel your account, please contact us
to pay your outstanding balance. Unpaid balances may be sent to a collections agency.

so you have to fix an issue with your credit card

How soon after I update my credit card information before the service is active again? It’s been over an hour.


Hi Aaron,

Please check now, the app should be working again.


hi Mark,

The service stopped working again. We pay the amount last week and got a confirmation email of payment. It was working for a while and then stopped. The next payment date is still half a month away. All usage is below the limit. What is causing the stop?


Hi Aaron, could you please check now?

It is working now. What was the issue?


We’re still investigating the root cause, I cannot answer with a certainty at the moment

Did you figure out the root cause of the issue? I would like to ensure this does not happen again in the future. Thanks.

Hi Aaron,

Do you recall if the application has exceeded any limits (number of objects in the database, number of data tables, etc) any time between August 10th and August 16th? A hypothesis we’re exploring is the app may have exceeded a limit, which was corrected by reducing the corresponding number of assets in the app, however the reduction did not properly cancel the blocking action.


Not that I know of. We have not created any new tables in the database. And the number of objects are well below the threshold (at <1000 entries).

Hi Mark,

just wanted to follow up again on our earlier note. It doesn’t look our app exceeded any limits between Aug 10-Aug 16. Can you advise as to what the issue could have been for the outage?
Thank you.


We believe it was due to a bug in our system. We were able to reproduce it and a ticket is assigned to an engineer. The triggering factor for the sequence which may result in application blocking is a cancellation in the billing system caused by a series of failed CC transactions.

Currently the only guaranteed way to prevent this from happening again is making sure that the monthly billing of the credit card on file goes through. The system attempts to do it daily for five days in the row. It sends out an email every time when the transaction fails.