Your subscription status is 'canceled'. Reason/Message: Canceled after failed automatic dunning process expired

Good afternoon, my subscription was canceled and now the app does not work. Can you Activate My subscription Again?

Your subscription status is ‘canceled’. Reason/Message: Canceled after failed automatic dunning process expired.

Hello, @1119.

Please provide your application ID. Also please make sure you have sufficient funds in your account.

Best regards, Nikita.

At the moment, there are enough funds


The subscription has been reacitvated.

Kind regards,

Hello, i have the same problem, my application id: C15968F9-DB43-E739-FF98-F9B58EBF2C00

Hello @xpertium_sac your subscription is reactivated.

The same issue.
App id: 21AAFB2A-CD9F-7071-FF73-0677365FFE00

@ROOT_INHALE the subscription was canceled after we tried processing a payment. We tried five times over a 5 day period. Every time we tried and it failed, an email was sent to your financial contact to notify them about the problem.

I see you updated the credit card earlier today. We processed the payment with the updated card on file and it went through. The subscription has been reactivated.


@mark-piller thank you.
do you have a solution flow that doesn’t include posting messages here each time when the user has a payment issue?

There is a grace period of 5 days when there is a payment issue. Over these five days, we send a daily email notifying you about the problem. The solution is to react to any of the 4 first emails and take care of the issue. This will avoid canceling the subscription and blocking the app.


Hi @vladimir-upirov @viktor.liablin

I have the same issue,

ApplicationID: 6957D10C-D1E1-6803-FFB0-9FC87DC6A400

Hello @Kgothatso_Diale,

you need to provide a valid credit card. Currently, the system can’t reactivate the subscription because the transaction has been declined.


We’re currently updating the payment profile; I’ll revert back once that is done.

Hi @stanislaw.grin,

We’ve updated the payment profile, please proceed with the resubscription, appreciate the assistance.

Kind regards,

Hi @Kgothatso_Diale,

your subscription is reactivated.
Happy coding!


Thanks again :+1: