Zapier Integration

Hi, I’m setting up my application to trigger some Zapier actions. Everything seems to have been set up properly (connection tests ok from Zapier, fields appear, etc.). But when I create a test object, (user object), I don’t see the Zap happen. Is there anything specific to be aware of with the Beta Zapier application?

More specifically, I am using the Object Created trigger event in Zapier. To create the object, I’m using Business Logic service POST / create.

Application: 4E129FA8-ED2B-5021-FF84-966E95BC0D00

Hi @parley-burnett,

for creating an object in the Users table please try another trigger - “User Registered”.
Please let us know how it works for you.


Thank you for the response. I now changed the Zap to ‘User Registered’.
Now, when I use the Deployed Service in Business Logic to create the user, I am getting the following error in the console:
403 - Unable to complete operation. Backend application is not properly configured. Contact the application developer and report a problem with Email Configuration (5050)
(which I didn’t receive before)

I attached a screenshot also, in case it’s helpful.

The root cause of the problem is with the following problem:

I switched to use just the Backendless default SMTP connection:… and the Zap still isn’t working. Thanks

Could you attach a few screenshots so we can see what you’re doing?

Just attached several - you can see the sequece from bottom to top… Thank you for looking into it.

Thank you, @parley-burnett. Could you please let me know when you turned on the Zap? I see one user registered on the 11th. If you turned the Zap on before that, could you check if the user is in Hubspot?

Also, how did you test the Zap? Were you creating users in Backendless console or with the API?


Thanks, @mark-piller. The ZAP was created about a week ago but none of the users created through the API or in the console have appeared.

When in Zapier, I can run a test on Action.2 and a sample contact from BL appears in hubspot.

@mark-piller Could I have an update please? Thanks

Yes, we looked into it. What we determined is that in order for the Zapier integration to work, users must be created with the API. If the User accounts are created in the Backendless console or in your Cloud Code, then the Zapier integration will not work.


Thank you for the response. Are there any plans to allow these input methods to trigger the Zapier flows?

Possibly. We’re reviewing different options.


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Hi Mark,

To your question on whether users are being created via API. How it is setup is our desktop application makes a call to Custom Business Logic in Backendless, which in-turn calls one the “built-in” API wrapper (UserService) like this:


I hope this setup would work for Zapier integration. If not, please suggest an alternative. It would very helpful if you can give an example of what would work (i have very limited exposure to Backendless so reference to related mater will be helpful as well.)

Please let me know if you want me to elaborate on anything in particular.

Best regards,

Hi Kinjal,

As I mentioned here:

In your case, you are using the registration API from the Cloud Code and the trigger in Zapier will not occur.


Hey @mark-piller, we’ve been looking to try Zapier again. Do you have any updates you can share from the past 3 years which would allow us to trigger the Zap when we call the Custom Business Logic, as Kinjal described above?

Hello @parley-burnett,

There is no built-in mechanism to trigger Zaps automatically from the custom business logic.
But this can be achieved in another way.

You can create a Catch Hook as a trigger in Zapier, it will provide you with a URL which you can invoke then in your custom business logic and pass some data in a request.

Then you may connect any Zap blocks to this trigger, including Backendless blocks.