Zapier second zap not working

Hello Team Backendless,

I am using Zapier with Backendless and i have one zap correctly working. Now i have added the second zap but i get the message: Zap was paused with error message: The app returned "The clearance task for the previous Business Logic Deploy is in in the process now. Please, wait about 1 minute before retry.

I contacted Zapier and they informed me to contact backendless because it might have something to do with the plan i am using. (i am using cloud 9).

Can you help me with this?

Hello @Michel_Loriaux,

yes, I talked with Zapier’s support, they passed your problem to me and I asked them to contact us directly, as it will be more convenient and faster to solve this problem.

The root issue is that you have reached the limit for the business logic scripts count:

You have 5 scripts and Cloud9 allows you to have a maximum of 5 scripts, so you can’t deploy more handlers to production.

I can suggest you increase the allowed amount of scripts by buying a function pack in our marketplace


Hi Stanislaw,

How is this counted? Do i need to count the blue labels? do i know have 5 scripts?

Only deployed event handlers and timers are considered scripts. You have 4 deployed handlers (green labels mean deployed) and one deployed timer (for backing up tables).

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Hello @stanislaw.grin i have added the Unlimited Business Logic Scripts.
I have made two zaps on two different tables in backendless.

The first Zap i have been running for a few months now:

But as soon as i enable the second Zap the first zap stops working.
See below the changes in the event handler when the second Zap is enabled:

When i open the blue afterCreate registraties:

It then shows me the code of the afterCreate dossiersafgesloten:

How can i have multiple Zaps running without stopping the first Zap?

Hi @Michel_Loriaux,

I need to investigate this issue, so I have created an internal ticket for this, you may reference to it by it’s internal number BKNDLSS-27531.

Until I find the cause and solution for this problem, I can help you enable both zaps manually. To do this, deploy business logic from the Coding tab (before that, select the desired model - Zapier_object_saved_hook.

Let me know if everything worked out for you. If that doesn’t work, I’ll need your app ID to help you.
Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hello @Michel_Loriaux,

we have fixed this issue and released a new version of Backendless in order to deliver it for you.
Could you please try it out again and let us know if both zaps are enabled?

Kind Regards,

Awesome @stanislaw.grin

Backendless support is amazing, both zaps are enabled and running!

Thank you, we are glad to hear such words. :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!