Zooming images on mobile

On a mobile device you can usually zoom into an image by using the familiar two finger spreading zoom gesture. This is not working when using the UI Builder image component. Is it possible to achieve this somehow?

Hello @Klaas_Klever

I’m not sure I understand what exactly you are talking about, could you please share some resources/videos to demonstrate this ability?

Regards, Vlad

I’m talking about zoom gestures discussed for instance here: Mobile Gestures: 40% of Sites Don’t Support Pinch or Tap Gestures for Product Images – Articles – Baymard Institute

If you are based on React, it should be possible to achieve this.


I see, we are talking about some kind of gallery/preview library when you are able to tap/zoom any image and expand it or load another version (larger size) of the image.

You are right, behind the scene we are using React, however, the Image component just renders a general HTML Tag that doesn’t have out of the box such functionality you described above, because this feature is not needed for all images.

But, very soon we are going to introduce a new feature Custom Components, which allows to create your own component using JS/HTML/Css and integrate them into the UI-Builder environment