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Hello, Backendless. I have some questions about your Manage-Analytics-Users on the left side of your service.

What are it mean that ‘Registered Users’, ‘Active Users’, ‘New Users’, Returning Users’?

I know the means literally, but want to know about the criterion of separation.

And also want to know about values when i cursor on the graph(Users : 98). Is it mean MAU(Monthly Active Users)?? When i checked for past 30 days??


Registered users - shows how many users registered with your app
Active users - shows how many users made at least one API call
New users - shows how many users access your app for the first time
Returning users - shows how many users accessed your app more than once.


THX for response Mark.

But i do not understand exactly with Active users and Returning users.
In my Backendless analytics, I have more Returning users than Active users.
But for your answer, it is ridiculous results.
Considering my app, Active users should more than Returning users. Because users call API more than once when access my app.

I want to know the difference API call and accessed my app and how to know the MAU & DAU based on Backendless-analytics.
Could i find any reference for Backendless-Analytics?

please provide your application id

This is my app id below :


Check it and Plz tell me how to calculate DAU & MAU in Backendless service

    Registered Users - user who registered (count per whole period of app) Active Users - users who made at least one request (count per one month) New Users - users who login for the first time (count per whole period of app) Returning Users - users who made at least one request (count per one day). start counting the next day after first login
I'm sorry but we don't provide public API for analytics

If you want to see analytics per each day you can select “past 30 days” in combo-box</img>

Regards, Vlad