[Android] Facebook Login - Get profile picture

I want to retrieve the link to the profile picture of a user during registration.
I added a mapping for the “picture” attribute.
But during the registration/login process, i always get the error, saying: “Missing ___class property for entity: picture”
I only need the link to the profile picture… I would really appreciate some help.

I do not know what the facebook SDK does exactly but to me it looks like the picture Attribute is not just a simple object. I guess backendless framework expects a Table to link to this object. If this is the case you would need to create a Table with the appropriate fields,according to the result of the picture property. Then, in your APP you have to makea custom mappinz from your Table to “picture”.

Not sure if this is true but the message you get idnicates that there is a missing mapping between the picture object and a backendless Table.

That was my first thought too, but I got the same error, even after I created a table and relation with the property fields.

Did you invoked the mapping command at app startup?


Yes, i did that… but the problem still persists.

We’ll probably need someOne here with decent facebook sdk knowledge.

Another detail I should mention is, that I use the “Easy Facebook Login” method.

Hi, Florian!

We’ve already fixed this issue for complex fields like “picture” and it will be released shortly.
Since “picture” is a complex field, it will be stored in Backendless table as a String like this:
“data”: {
“is_silhouette”: false,
“url”: “https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/hprofile-prn2/v/l/t1.0-1/c13.0.50.50/p50x50/10678621_353036071515036_6007543913561901288_n.jpg?oh=162fbb1c2b5ef379577144e57ba66f8d&oe=5770DBEC
We’ll notify you when this feature is released.

Nice to hear that, thank you very much!

Hi Anatolii Stepaniuk

The feature was released?

It has not been deployed to the production servers yet, but we’re quite close to releasing the fix.


It looks like this feature is working. I was able to get the profile photo as a JSON object, and later retrieved the URL. The only thing is, the profile photo looks very blurry. Any ideas why?


  1. Yes, these changes are already available on production server.
  2. “…The only thing is, the profile photo looks very blurry. Any ideas why?”
    Backendless just return data from facebook api. It works in the same way like Graph API Explorer:

So this feature was deployed?

Ok thanks Kate testing it

can you please let me know what your photo looks like? mine is very blurry

This is my photo: https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/hprofile-xpt1/v/t1.0-1/p50x50/12196194_1006658696063281_7464806321575446586_n.jpg?oh=b2bcfd0439fc626243499a0e9afb53ca&oe=5791A005

Thanks Katie, the thing is when loading it into my ImageView (android)… the size 50x50 is super small. After increasing the imageview width and height, that’s when the image becomes blurry. Any thoughts?

Thank you. I really can’t release my app without having a decent size for the profile photo… Increasing the imageview size is not the best option

Maybe you can use following solution:

  1. authorize user with facebook and get it’s user-id
  2. run GET request to graph.facebook.com/v2.5/{user-id}/picture?type=large
    my result is graph.facebook.com/v2.5/838663202862832/picture?type=large
    Hope it will help.