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API request rejected. Multiple location access requires SuperScaling. Please unblock!

API request rejected. Multiple location access requires SuperScaling.
It’s been already more than a month and my app is still blocked!

Please fix it.

It is reset daily, but SuperScaling kicks it out every day.

can you help show me what & where the API requests?

You can see them in console on the Manage > Analytics screen.


Could you help me sort out why our App was blocked? I also get the same error message. Will our app be unblocked in 24 hours? And if so, how can we avoid it getting blocked in the future?


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The application gets blocked when it tries tapping into the SuperScaling system and it can’t because SuperScaling is not available for the apps on the Springboard plan. The blocking is enabled for 24 hours to enable the app to “cool off”. The SuperScaling system is engaged when an app needs to process concurrent requests and/or API requests from multiple locations.


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Thanks for the quick response.

We are working with in the frontend and my coworker made some API request through so it should always have been from the same location. I then proceeded to click logout all users and changed the enable multiple logins and enable session timeout. Could this be a reason why the SuperScaling went off?

Hi Wolfgang,

There are three possibilities: it could have been (A) a rapid fire of API requests coming from the bubble app, (B) the app was loaded into multiple browsers running on different networks and thus accessing the backend from multiple locations or © the combination of A and B.

To avoid this, try to minimize on how many locations (mobile, desktop, tablet) you run the bubble app on while developing the app.


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