App blocked

I got this error on my app -
“code”:11033,“message”:“The application has been blocked due to exceeding a limit.”,“errorData”:{}
my app id -


If you reduce the resources to bring it under the limit, the app will be unblocked. Alternatively, you can update to a paid plan to get higher limits.


I already have developer plan and I didn’t get to the limit yet , also I see a red message that says : Your subscription status is ‘canceled’. Reason/Message: Canceled after failed automatic dunning process expired.

That means we tried to process a payment for the card on file 5 times over 5 days and it failed. The billing contact on file was sent an email every time during the dinning process

o.k , I have changed the credit card and I’m still blocked…
what should I do now?
and thanks by the way :sweat_smile:

hello again,
how can I solve this ? I really need a quick answer…


Subscription has been reactivated.


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The same problem occurred for me! would you please re active it!

Hello @Ehsan_Nikaeen

please provide your AppId and we will check this

Regards, Vlad



Subscription has been reactivated. It takes some time for the changes to apply.

four days and still nothing, we were in middle of something and all paused! Please check it again!

Sorry, the subscription wasn’t restored properly. I think in a 2-3 hours it should already work.
I am tracking the condition now.

Please, check it now.


my App id is: 29824712-F959-83C4-FF23-D63DC624D500
my payment card is updated.

Please update it on
Cloud 9