App completely down for 30 minutes today

App id A29CAF7F-2332-20F3-FFE4-19FEA411AE00
Completely down since 30 min ago.

Files does not load when trying to view them in console.

Http shows error: {“code”:6007,“message”:“The specified resource was not found”,“errorData”:{}}

No changes has been done from our side.

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Hi @Daniel_Levy1

Could please provide a cURL which fails with the error?

It came back online after i posted this.
Can you tell me what happened?

we didn’t see any issues from our side

Thank you for your reply.
The app was definitly down - we got multiple customer complaints. Do you not have logs to review that can show what happened? It was down from 07.26 to 08.03 CET

Here’s the analytics chart for today. The highlighted area show the timeframe you identified. The system was receiving and processing requests:

Perhaps some users experiences a network outage on their side and thought the app was not working.


Thank you for your reply, Mark.
However, if you look closer at the graphs, you can clearly see that there was some kind of disturbance - please review screenshot from this timeperiod versus any other day, i.e. the day before:

I have multiple services that continously check if the site is up and working, and they all reported that the site was showing an error in the mentioned time-period.

In my opinion this was not a network-outage. The fact that your webserver returned visitors with an error-message means that there was a connection with your servers. As mentioned, the HTML returned to visitors was this:
{“code”:6007,“message”:“The specified resource was not found”,“errorData”:{}}

@mark-piller Today it happened again, though only for two minutes. It happened at 19.12 - 19.14 CEST (the time I edit this the time is 21.27 CEST).
The HTML-page shown during the down-time, displayed a similar message like last time:
{“code”:9070,“message”:“Application is not found by domain ‘api-eu’. Please contact support to fix the issue.”,“errorData”:{}}

Can you make anything out of this?

Of course this wasn’t a big problem today, but it seems there are something happening on the Backendless servers from time to time.

What is the URL of the page that showed the error?

Sorry, that I can’t see. This was sent to me by a service continously checking that the app is running every 10 minute.

Wouldn’t the URL information be in the service that checks?

It just checks the root of the domain - without any specific page, and as far as i understand - that means that (normally) index.html will be returned.

Does it use your custom domain or a subdomain?

The custom domain (www..)
I’ll add one monitor also for the backendless-domain for the future - if you think that it can be relevant. However, don’t you think the last error-message indicate that it is Backendless-servers that are sending the HTML-reply?

The error message is very strange. It makes me think there is something wrong with the actual request, that’s why I asked for the URL. The part that makes it look strange is this:

The API URL for the EU cluster starts with “eu-api”. Here’s a screenshot from your app in Backendless Console:

I will check with our product team to see under what circumstances the error you saw would be returned.


Ok, thanks. Please also keep in mind the error that started this thread.

Hi, @Daniel_Levy1

We have checked the issue on our side. The reason for the outage you had yesterday might have been an SSL certificate update at that time. There was a configuration issue, which was fixed almost immediately and everything is now working as it should be. If you experience it again, please let us know. If you could provide a cURL that doesn’t work with the error, that would be great.


@mark-piller @Marina.Rudenko The app is now down again.


Please provide a cURL that doesn’t work. Is error the same?


The website is down. Try to open the URL and you’ll see. Mostly shows blank page. After a few reloads it may show the index-page