Application Crashing


My application is crashing since the last 3-4 hrs. It happened yesterday at the same time period.

Please provide solution.

Application ID : 55F928E7-9D6E-937F-FF72-80924AE09B00

Pranav Patel

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Unfortunately, we cannot provide a solution with the minimal information you shared with us. For example,

  • is this an Android, iOS, Flutter, .NET or JS app?
  • Have you done any crash report analysis? If you have not, please do that.
  • Have you gathered any errors reported? If not, please do that.


Hi Mark,

Its an android application. I have not made any changes to the code. I was unable to log into backendless console yesterday also and my android app also crashed. I waited and it was auomatically resolved after few hours. I am able to log into backendless console today but my android application is still crashing.

I am unable to keep the user logged in after initial login.

E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main
Process: com.patson.pranav.patsonpharmaceuticals, PID: 27105
java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘boolean java.lang.Boolean.booleanValue()’ on a null object reference
at com.patson.pranav.patsonpharmaceuticals.Login$4.handleResponse(
at com.patson.pranav.patsonpharmaceuticals.Login$4.handleResponse(
at com.backendless.async.message.AsyncMessage$ResponseHandler.handle(
at com.backendless.async.message.AsyncMessage.handleCallback(
at com.backendless.core.AndroidCarrier$1.handleMessage(
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
at android.os.Looper.loop(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)

The stack trace points to line 225. You should connect to your app with a debugger and see what’s going on.

Its just a if(response) statement which is throwing a null pointer exception.

Use a debugger to understand what’s going on in your application.


As I understand, the response from BackendlessUser.class is coming back as null. Again, I have made no changes to the code. The application was working fine till yesterday. Also, I have switched to Cloud plan.I was using the developer plan before that. I have received a mail which stated that all applications with ‘Developer Plan’ will be shifted to ‘Springboard Plan’ on June 1st 2022. Yesterday, my plan was still showing as ‘Developer’. I have switched it to ‘Cloud’. I am informing about all the changes from my side. I dont think theres any issue with the code. Please help.

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I was charged 45$. I didn’t want the additional 10$ 200,000 data objects in a table (which was previously part of my ‘developer plan’). I did try to uninstall the pack before upgrading my account but it showed me an error.
If possible, please adjust the 10$ amount in my next billing cycle.

@mark-piller Hi, I am having this issue too on Android. After debugging, it looks like that Backendless is returning a lot of nulls (which first of all shouldn’t be the case), but the Backendless Android SDK is not handling this properly.

See this. Firebase registration fails, and the SDK tries to get a intValue (I guess a token or id or something), but it is null and the app crashes:

Another issue I keep finding, after logging in the BackendlessUser is like a blank object with none of the default values that I’ve set in my user schema. This means when I try to get a value out of the user object (which should always have values because defaults were set in the data table), I get a crash as there is a NullPointerException:

In general, a lot of responses from Backendless’ SDK are now returning dirty or incorrect data, which seems the SDK itself is not prepared to accept. Whether the response is empty, or the response has incorrect data. I can go on and list more examples if you want, but all I know is everything worked fine yesterday. Today, everything is crashing.


Here’s another example, just a simple getObjectCount for a data table’s items returns null. I would hope even if they couldn’t find any matches, the count would be 0 and not null. There has been some regression for sure.

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Hello @Jeffrey_Sera @Pranav_Patel

Which version of the SDK are you using?




@Inna_Shkolnaya I believe this has happened to me before. Please see this thread: [Critical] App crashing when connecting to Backendless because server returns null

Could be a very similar root cause.

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I think its working properly now. Other users still testing the application but it seems to be working properly now. Could you please mention the reason for the error? (just so that I can communicate it properly with the backendless team in future, if further such incidents happen)


@Jeffrey_Sera Is your problem still reproducing now?

@Pranav_Patel our specialists are still working to ensure that the error does not occur again. We will report on the reasons for the failure at a later date.


Same problem again.

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Does it happen right now? Or did it happen about 30 minutes ago?

Yes started like 30 min ago.

Started 30 mins ago but still happening. Apps crashing.

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