Application Crashing

Hi @mark-piller , I seem to have a very similar issue. I had a problem end of last week when I was away and users are now reporting problems using the app from about an hour ago. When looking at the debugger I am too getting null objects when I should be getting a BackendlessUser. Hope this helps.

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Hi Mike,

I just ran a test where I log in a user and am getting BackendlessUser back. We really need a sample that reproduces the issue. Can you help with a sample, please?


it’s behaving strangely!

But, It looks like if I call this. (Android)
if (Backendless.UserService.isValidLogin()) {

I get a null pointer crash with this message
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘boolean java.lang.Boolean.booleanValue()’ on a null object reference
at com.backendless.UserService.isValidLogin(


What version of the Backendless SDK for Android are you using?

I am using 6.3.2

Hi Mark, I can’t tell you right now as leaving. But it will be an older version I am guessing. But also I am getting crashes on the iOS version too, so it seems it is of a more general nature across the board? And I had a very similar problem with the app crashing end of last week which was later resolved and has been fine since until this afternoon. And sometimes it does log the user in and it then gives a crash on another request - almost like a timeout. Very odd. Sorry I can’t be more help, but hope this gives a clue somewhere along the line. The apps have been running fine for months with no code changes.


Hi all,

Same intermittent pattern here, Android and iOS. Crashes and timeouts. Busy handling customer complaints now, very serious problem for us.

Thanks in advance for anything that can be done to fix this.

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Hi All,

Same intermittent issue is there in my Android app. Many times backendless is returning null value in any api call.

using version 6.0.1

Please do the needful at the earliest.


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@Amit_Singh @rick-cataldo @mike-turner @Pranav_Patel

Could you please check if you’re getting any errors now?

Hi Mark,

We just had the first successful Android login of the day. Thanks very much!
We are checking the iOS versions now…

Looks good for iOS, too, but that has been intermittent. We will continue to monitor and let you know if there are any issues. Looking good, though!

Thanks again!

Hi Mark

Yes login working again now on iOS and Android.

Thanks, that is a relief!


Same thing happening again! Please rectify. Daily operations getting affected because of this.

This is happening to me again now. data being returned seems to be null.

we are looking into it

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Thanks Vlad and hope you are ok. Yes it is happening with our apps too. It was fine overnight and fine when I checked earlier this morning.

we have fixed the issue, could you please confirm if it works for you


Yes working here again @vladimir-upirov . Do you think this is fixed for good or should we be monitoring this carefully?

it should not happen again, but we are monitoring this case

Thanks, will let you know if it pops up again while I am developing.

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@vladimir-upirov Thanks! Really appreciate it. Were you guys able to identify the root cause of the issue to prevent it from happening in the future? This is about the 3rd time this has happened to me, same exact issue every time - null responses. It’s been a production shitstorm every time this happens and the app goes down. :smiling_face_with_tear: