Backendless Billing and Information

Hi all
I hope all is well
May anyone please assist me with Backendless and its billing plan?

  1. I seek to take the scale plan which is $15 monthly, okay
    so does this mean that with the scale plan, I have unlimited App projects with a maximum of 100 data tables…?
  2. do I need to pay $15 for every App project I create…?


Hello @Daryl

  1. No, 15$ is the minimum you will pay if you stay on tier 1. Please read the following topic Introducing the Scale Plan

  2. yes, you need to pay for each application you create in backendless

Hello, I also have a question regarding the new Scale Plan. I have read the recent post, but I’m unclear exactly how “peak” usage is calculated. Is it an average over 24hrs or you look across a 24hr period and take the highest API usage for that period to set the day rate?

Hi Bob,

The system selects the highest usage in a 24-hour period. Please see the following article about the Scale plan for additional information:


Ah, so if nothing happens on my app for a whole day, but then a user interact with the app for 10 minutes, then I would be charged for a tier as if that’s the average load the whole day?

It strikes me as not a completely fair pricing especially for an infrequently used app. Also, am I right that the lower tier per/minute limit is 0-5, while the free tier allows 50/minute. The lower tier seems quite impractical then?

Or did I get the wrong end of the stick?

When a user interacts with your app, the platform allocates the resources for your app to handle the interaction. These resources include memory, CPU, temporary file storage, optimized database storage, etc. These resources stay around for 24 hours (since we do not know if the interaction will continue or not) and if the traffic subsides, they are released. Because of that very reason, we take the peak usage and base the pricing on it for that date. A lot of it goes unseen (and quite often unappreciated) so I get why you think it is unfair. I hope it brings clarity.

There are a lot of apps in Backendless, some have very minimal (frequent or infrequent) usage and the owners of those apps believe having the lower tiers is absolutely practical.

Understood. Let’s see how the cost stacks up. My concern is really that I am in very early development stage and just by myself I manage to hit tier 4.

Make sure to read about common optimization strategies here:

Additionally, we just released integration with CDNs which will greatly help with lowering the file-based API traffic.