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Backendless not working when writing data (in production, please solve ASAP)

Since this morning I cannot do any write operations it seems, everything gets stuck but backendless does not seem to be offline (I can navigate the console via the browser), but I cannot edit anything via the console / browser, and I cannot get anything to work via the APIs (apart from reading data).

This is of course all happening to our product in production, please let us know what you can do to resolve the problem.

app ID: 9088AF67-1648-1726-FF09-A51862BF1A00

and we are on backendless 3.

We are starting to get several complaints as people cannot even create an account when they buy the app

please help

Hi, Alessandra. We know about the problem and are already working on it. It is our priority task for now. We’ll fix it ASAP.

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great to hear, thanks!

Please, check. Everything already should work.

can anyone look into this? Scheduled maintenance should be over, and we have certainly be down for more than 2 hours. I am getting hundreds of emails from angry customers.

I cannot believe how unreliable your service has been in the past few days.

We are under maintenance, it is possible some short outages within the next hour.


this system is in production, first of all it is absurd that you do not communicate in advance that you’ll do maintainance (and I do not mean like 5 hours before like you do), so just send an email 1-2 weeks earlier as people rely on your service.

Secondly, we have been experiencing issues the whole week, database cannot be written, then again this happened a few hours ago and later the whole thing went down and again we have been getting hundred of emails from customers due to the unreliability of your service.

For now we can reproduce the issue and working on fixing it.
Sorry for inconvenience.


Hi Alessandra,

we did not break the system.
We are currently conducting scheduled work on servers to improve future performance and stability. Unfortunately, things do not always go as fast as we would like.
We apologize for the inconvenience and for not warning you in advance about this.
We hope this will not happen again in the future.
As soon as everything is restored, we will notify you immediately.


The App ID you talking about is 9088AF67-1648-1726-FF09-A51862BF1A00 ?

Ok, do not worry, our system administrators are already checking your application, I will keep you posted. I can’t promise 5 minutes, but we do our best, I swear to you.

I see that some of your messages are deleted. If you see that some problem has been resolved, give us feedback, please.

nothing has been resolved.

Ok, working on

Hi @Alessandra_Saviotti, please read this post with an update on today’s activities: