Backendless status?

Hi Guys

Is there a problem with backendless. I happened to be developing at the time (about 20 mins ago) and my app started crashing on a backendless call. I checked and it was across the board and I couldn’t login to console either. That seems to be ok on my 5.x apps now but my 3.x apps are still not working and I am getting an internal server error on those when I try and login.


We are under maintenance, it is possible some short outages within the next hour.


Hi @olhadanylova,

Thanks for your response. This seems to be a sensitive topic for everybody using Backendless, especially since it touches the operation on the live servers. Would it be possible to get some more insight into this, to understand if this was some kind of a problem or just a normal practice of maintenance?


v5 should be stable now

Thanks Olha, 3.x seems to be up and running again now too.

These works did cause my live apps to crash and I thought I handled problems connecting to backendless correctly , but evidently not. It looks like I was getting server reported an error: INVALID statusCode 502.

I imagine you are busy right now so will come back to this in the near future, but I obviously need to resolve this so if the same thing happens my apps will fail gracefully. Perhaps I can set up a test app and see if we can replicate the same conditions when things go unexpectedly wrong.

Many thanks


Could you please provide the Application ids of broken apps?

Hi Olha, no all seem to be ok now :smiley:

@mike-turner, please read this post with an update on today’s activities:


Thanks for the update Mark.