Backendless unresponsive

I can’t access my Backendless app, and the console is unresponsive too.
Can you please advise ?


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We’ve had a short high load peak.
Now everything should work.

Thanks for the reply. It was out for about 25 minutes, though.

FYI - System is still down for us.

The same with us. Why is Backendless running so poorly in the last few days?

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same here

The service was restored at 2:35 pm Central time.


I’ve been having intermittent issues today, I’m getting the above message trying to login right now.

3:40 PM CST

Sorry to say, it is not completely running. Backend is up and running. But, the Frontend UI Builder cannot be accessed by me. It says: no connection with Server.

The console is still down for me, front-end seems to load but have not been able to do anything in the backend for a few hours

Same here. Issues yet again.

Same here, down again.

The incident that occurred earlier resulted in breakage of the database cluster. The team has partially restored it when it came back up. The process of synchronization has caused another issue and that is why it is down now.

Thanks, Mark. Tough day for everyone.

Thanks for the update.

Thanks for the update. The console is slowly coming back.

I have sent an email a week ago and a message on slack enquiring about Managed Backendless. I can imagine the team is busy right now but if someone could get in touch as soon as they’re available it’ll be appreciated, thank you

The issues are back again on my end. When do you expect the services to be fully functional again?

We are working on bringing full redundancy of the data tier in place. The work will continue well into the night. We do not anticipate any service-wide outages, however, more localized errors may happen.

Thanks for your effort. Everything seem to be back to normal. :clap:


Sorry to say but I am having issues again.
First the frontend was down (502), then the console was unreacheable. Then the console came back, but kept asking me for some HTTP Auth, despite my login in again and again. And now there’s the dreaded “No connection with server”.