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Blocked at Mission Data Mining 6/6 - Retrieve Data with Aggregate Function


I am passing this query:,Count(objectId)%20as%20CountryCount,Min(LifeExpectancy)%20as%20MinLifeExpectancy&groupBy=Continent

I think it works correctly, but I cannot get the reward. Any tip ?

Thanks. Didier

Hi @didier-stadelmann,

Try changing





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I think there is mismatch between task and the Video. Please verify. My url is,count(objectid)%20as%20CountryCount&groupBy=Continent

I have tried changing property to props and I get the same result and still task is not marked completed.

Also what does The Continent property must be included in the request, mean ?

Greetings, @Navjeet_Chabbewal,



for Count function same as you did it for Min

The next request worked for me and completed the mission:

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