Chart filter

I would like to have a date filter on the page for a pie chart.
I need to be able to use the date filter on the page to filter that pie chart.

I have a table named registrations, in this table there are multiple registrations on a dossier. The dossiers are divided in 5 group names. I would like to have a distinct count of the dossiers by group name. Is it possible to do so within Backendless?

One more question, is it possible to add labels to the pie chart so the user can see the value for each pie on the screen?

You didn’t say about programming language you use (though the APIs are very similar).

If you want to group records in the table use groupBy and distinct.
E.g. here you can see examples how to construct request for counting movies by the issue year:

Also please look through this doc:

Hi Oleg,

Thanks for your examples i will look into it, i want to do everything codeless.
Could you guide me to a pie chart filtered with a date filter on the ui builder page?

Hello @Michel_Loriaux,

please check the Victor’s answer, he shows the steps of how to create a pie chart. You can sort your chart by date by selecting the corresponding column for the sort property (screenshot for step 2).


Also look through Codeless → Data API → Load Table Objects (where you can use distinct/groupby)

HI Olha,

I want to filter the chart by a date filter input on the UI page.
Is this possible?

Hello @Michel_Loriaux

At the moment, there is no way to pass values to chart in the ui-builder.
You can only show the finished chart


Thanks Viktor