{ "code" : 17000, "message" : "No script runner is available" }

Just started seeing this returned in responses from hosted code.

{ “code” : 17000, “message” : “No script runner is available” }

Anything going on with infrastructure or does this indicate that my hosted Node.js is causing issues?



Hi Ankit,

Could you please check now?


Thanks Mark for the quick response, but still same error:

Object {code: 17000, message: “No script runner is available”}

I installed the backendless on my own digital Ocean server. Do you think I need to install something ?

I am trying to deploy coderunner to server. I think I need to change runner.properties file.

Can you please guide me what all value I need to change ?

Oh, that’s an important detail. The standalone server does not currently support the node.js container the same way our Cloud Edition does it.

Is there any way I get my cloud code working ? I want to make stripe payment using cloud code. Could you please suggest some alternative ?

You should be able to do it using Java business logic, that is supported in the Standalone edition.

Thanks, let me try that. I will reply back in sometime.

I create a Java project and included Backendless.jar and stripe.jar under project dependency. While I invoke the service, I am getting following response:

“code”: 0,
“message”: “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/stripe/StripeServiceException”


Are you trying to run it locally or deploying it to your Digital Ocean installation?


Everything on Digital Ocean . I dont have local setup.

I created Java project locally in eclipse, create the JAR file out of it, and upload it under Business Logic -> Api Services.

I see. Make sure to take backendless.jar out of the packaging. Also, did you create a flat fat jar? Meaning the .class files for Stripe are inside of the jar you deploy (and not in a jar within a jar).


Yes, stripe jar files have .class files inside. As per you suggestion, I deleted backendless.jar file from my code, and create jar file. Getting error on uploading jar file now.

Please note:

public class CloudCodeServices implements IBackendlessService

Thats how I initialized my class.

Does CloudCodeServices belong to a package?

Are there other jars inside of the jar you’re uploading?

Yes, CloudCodeService is under package com.mbaas.services

There is only stripe-java-1.44.0.jar

Could you share that jar with me, I’d like to try it in my app. Either google drive or dropbox link will work. My email is mark@backendless.com

sent, let me know if you didn’t get.

Yes, I got it. You did not package it right. I wrote that:

    you cannot have jars inside of the jar backendless.jar must be excluded.
You didn't handle either one of these: http://support.backendless.com/public/attachments/d7f8b2302f18cc295ffb083ab54cc34b.png</img>

Mark, I tried all possible option. Please let me know :

  1. Where should I place backendless.jar
  2. How do solve, stripe expanded jar.